The hard wooden benches spread across my neighbour’s front yard. The sun is relentless.  There is a passionate speaker, he thumps his Bible, heads bow and hats wobble, people sing loudly, weep openly, embrace each other warmly, we stand, we sit. We fellowship.

There is no breeze, yet there I sit in layers and layers of frills and lace, my little legs baking under thick stockings ill-suited for the tropics, dangling midair, my feet held fast in tight, white patent shoes, a stark contrast to the brown dirt beneath. Listening, though never quite understanding any of this.

For as long as I’ve been aware of my existence, I’ve been a church girl.

I grew up. The sermons took on meaning. My fashion evolved from laces and frills and to this day I detest stockings! What remains true is my love for God, yet my actions often betray this love I profess.

As a child learning the story of the children of Israel and their wanderings through the wilderness, I thought it strange, foolish even, that a people so loved by a great God would deny the truth of his greatness and their identity and security in Him.  Only now, with a history of my own wanderings, and repeated cycles through deserts and wastelands, I am quicker to identify the common threads of our shared humanity than I am to cry shame at their failings.  I love their story because it has become my own; an epic tale of foolish rebellion outmatched by ceaseless grace and boundless love!

It is this love that I invite you to share in.

This space is intended to be a haven for battle-weary women. The ones who know what it’s like to have life deal blows that leave your hearts shattered into innumerable pieces.  The ones for whom the burning itch of a tear-stained face is an all too familiar feeling.  Pull up a seat. Steady yourself, behold your true worth, identity and purpose as I hold up the mirror of God’s word.

Meet me here as I share devotionals, blogs and video conversations all for the purpose of strengthening your faith, challenging you to grow in your devotion to God and cheering you on the journey.

It is my hope that we can converge here over the truth of God’s word.  Here, we will find living water for our thirsty souls, fuel for our faith and strength on the journey to having our hearts restored.


Kadiene Duncanson