Second hand

Second place

Second class

Second best

Second hand that’s what I’ll be to the one who’ll come to set

My heart,



His body free

Not bright and shiny

Like a penny new

Or a blade of grass after night sends its dew

I was impatient you see

Thought it wouldn’t matter

We’d be knotted eventually

Time passed

Now I’m out of his hand

And to everyone else I’m now second hand

Second place

I always was to his passion his pride and his first love.

I’m not spoilt or selfish

Perhaps I’m just cursed!

But for once in my life I’d like to be his first


Second class this emotion was to anger, hurt, confusion, pain

My heart suffers from constant drought

Oh love, send your rain!

Wash away this feeling of being second best

Do not tarry; come quickly, so I may finally rest

Loose these bonds

set me free, so I may clearly see

I’ll only be first to one person

That person is me.

Kadiene Duncanson